Updated April 6, 2020

Original Date: March 13, 2020

To: Signature Advantage HMO (ISNP) Providers

Subject: Important Information on Signature Advantage Response to Coronavirus Disease The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) shared a memorandum on March 10, 2020 advising Medicare Advantage Organizations can enact special requirements and add permissive actions to unique circumstances during a disaster or emergency. Responding to the CMS memo and in the best interest of Signature Advantage beneficiaries and Providers the Plan has immediately put into place the following actions:

  1. Waive all prior authorizations, co-pays and co-insurance    for telehealth services; in addition, physicians and practitioners can use this platform for virtual check in
    using HCPCS codes G2012 and G2010.
  2. Waive all prior authorization and cost-sharing for COVID-19 laboratory tests, screening and other services approved by Medicare to address the outbreak in
    addition to offsite locations to prevent the spread of the disease per Declaration Blanket Waivers.
  3. Waive prior authorizations for upcoming expirations and removal Part D refill limits on “refill-too-soon” to ensure all beneficiaries have access to medications with no
  4. Accept verbal orders for services in Hospital, Critical Access Hospital, & Skilled Nursing facilities to expedite services and safe movement of beneficiaries among care settings to be responsive of situations.
  5. Cover Medicare Parts A and B services and supplemental Part C plan benefits furnished at non-contracted facilities, inclusive of Hospital, Skilled Nursing Home, Dialysis Centers and Home Care Services.
  6. Waive co-pays and out of pocket costs for emergency and urgent care services associated with COVID-19.
  7. Provide flexibility in the Appeals Process if good cause requirements are satisfied.
  8. Provide any additional stress and anxiety support services to beneficiaries.

Under current law, if a vaccine becomes available for COVID-19, Signature Advantage HMO (ISNP) as a Medicare Advantage plan will cover the vaccine the same as the Original Medicare program.

Signature Advantage, HMO (ISNP) will continue to monitor the Center’s for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) guidance and update these emergency response actions. Our goal is to ensure all beneficiaries, providers and our communities are protected during this difficult time.

If you have any questions, please contact: Signature Advantage Provider Services

Phone: 844-214-8633

Fax: 800-880-3263

Email:[email protected]

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